Narayanpet Handloom Pure Cotton Zari Checks Saree ChocoBrown Green

Shubhsarini Collections introduces the traditional Narayanpet Handloom cotton sarees with with Zari checks design. These sarees are made of pure cotton and are suitable to be worn for all occasions during Summer. Narayanpet sarees are traditionally woven using the interlocked weft technique wherein you join 2 weft yarns securely by linking them together in a row. This way, the weavers can add different colours side by side in the same saree. Thus you will always find Narayanpet sarees in dual shades, like Purple-Pink, Blue-Violet, Maroon-Green etc.
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Fabric: 100 percent pure cotton of count 2/40.
Content: 1 Saree with 1 Blouse Piece.
Size: 5.50 Meter & 0.5 Meter Blouse Piece. Length 6 Meters; Width 1.16 Meters.
Design:This is the traditional Narayanpet handloom cotton saree from the same named town of Telangana. The body of the Narayanpet saree is of checkered pattern created with Zari threads and a beautiful 3 inch contrast colour border patterned with Zari Elephant motifs. The traditional Pallu is highlighted by stripes of contrast colour and Golden zari.
Colour: Dark Brown saree with Green border and SeaGreen and Gold Zari stripes in the Pallu. The blouse piece is at the start of the saree and is a running piece similar in colour to the body of the saree.
Wash Care: Hand Wash in Normal Water.

: Free shipping in India. No International deliveries.

: The blouse for the saree will be a running blouse but being of small length, it is advisable to not cut it from the saree. You can pair the saree with a contrast colour or Golden blouse.

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