Upcycled Apparel and Jewellery

As the current COVID pandemic disrupted every possible way of life, we as a business, are learning to utilize our resources efficiently.  We donated a part of our old inventory to the needy and decided to upcycle the remaining.

Why upcycle? It is our need to create something new from the inventory that will otherwise go wasted.  We have to keep the cycle of work going on for the weavers to weave new sarees and for us to be able to buy from them. At the same time, we didn't want to create more wastage simply by disposing off our old inventory.  We also have to keep the cycle of employment going on for our tailors and designers.  The simplest solution to keep both the cycles up and running was to upcycle- hand craft new creations from the old.

We employed the services of our in-house tailors and designers and have made an attempt to upcycle our sarees to create ready to wear apparel across all ages. We believe in reducing the use of raw materials thus promoting sustainability. This will save energy and prevent environmental pollution. All the apparel have been created from our own inventory of sarees.

Our in-house designer Ms Neela Salaskar, being a very creative person, upcycled the leftover fabrics from our tailoring work to personally hand craft beautiful new jewellery.These include creating new jewellery sets from our Khun, Ikat, Kalamkari fabrics and our sarees. 

Shubhsarini Collections provides Free Delivery of our Upcycled Apparel created from our inventory of sarees.

Shubhsarini Collections also provides Free Delivery of our Upcycled Jewellery created from our left-over fabrics.

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