Weaves of Maharashtra

Shubhsarini Collections presents an exclusive festival range of sarees traditionally woven in the regions of the Western Ghats.  These weaves were popularly endorsed and used by the royal families of Maharashtra and it's border states.  The regal look of the Pure Silk Cotton Narayanpet Sarees, the elegance of the delicate Peshwai Sarees and the pearl lustre of the Tussar Silk Karvat Kathi sarees carry forward time tested traditions of Indian Weaves.  

Shubhsarini Collections presents the exclusive pure Tussar Silk Karvat Kathi Sarees from the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Karvat means "Saw-Like" and Kathi means "border" in Marathi. These sarees represent the intricate work of creating borders with Saw like designs.  The detailing resembles the Ikat work of Sambalpuri Sarees.  The less than 100 weavers of the Vidarbha region put their heart and soul into creating beautiful design patterns to bring out the lustre of the pearl coloured Tussar fabric.  Some of these sarees are hand painted with pen Kalamkari designs to add to the grandeur.

The Narayanpet Sarees from regions of Maharashtra and Telangana stands tall and regal as the history of these regions.  The beautiful temple borders with the interlocked weft technique of weaving, creates dual shaded sarees that can be worn for all festive occasions.

The Paithanis of Yeola are characterised by the beautiful peacocks woven with such skill that it looks identical on both sides of the saree.  Not just the Paithanis, the delicate yet royal Peshwai Sarees from Yeola, Maharashtra equally highlight the beautiful weaving tradition of Yeola, Maharashtra.  The handful set of weavers present still try to tell a story through these sarees.  These are not just woven threadwork for them but time tested traditions that have been passed over for generations. 

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